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Wildlife Artist Randy McGovern answers:
What do you mean by "hidden animals"?

The artistic challenge of hiding animals in my backgrounds is such that they have to be camouflaged enough to where you wouldn't see them at a casual glance; yet distinct enough to where you could find them if you look for them. About 95% of my prints have hidden animals. When you purchase a print, it comes with a card telling you what animals are in that picture. The card doesn't tell you where they are - you are on your own! For an example of some hidden animals, see the closeups of the deer picture below showing 3 of the 8 hidden animals in "After The Rain". - Randy McGovern

"After The Rain" - Whitetail Deer by wildlife artist Randy McGovern

Racoon in After the Rain by wildlife artist Randy McGovern Chipmunk in After the Rain print by artist Randy McGovern Woodcock in After the Rain print by artist Randy McGovern

Can you find 3 hidden animals in the above print? (Racoon is easiest!)
Place your mouse over the painting above to reveal the hidden animals.

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Limited edition fish prints by artist Randy McGovern

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